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M Partners prides itself on providing our clients with excellent deal flow.  We provide our clients with the opportunity able to invest in timely bought deals and IPOs of small to mid-cap companies through Pinnacle Correspondent Service. Through creative strategies specifically tailored to our clients, M Partners focuses on maximizing capital growth and preservation.

Our professionals assist clients in achieving tax-effective multi-generational preservation, transfer of wealth, and where applicable, business continuity/succession. We understand the importance of our clients’ investments and savings. We are committed to maintaining a disciplined and organized approach to investment and wealth management strategies that produces lucrative results for our clients.

Our professionals tailor advice to best serve our clients. Through an interview process, we determine a client’s financial position, future plans, objectives, investment knowledge, risk level and other significant considerations.  Following this, we develop a wealth statement for the client’s approval and implementation.


  • Retirement Planning

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Estate Planning


  • Stocks

  • Bonds, Debentures and GIC's

  • Income Trusts and REITs

  • New Issues

  • Private Placements

  • Flow Through Share Investments-tax shelters

  • Mutual Funds

  • ETFs

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