Securities laws of certain jurisdictions in Canada require investment dealers and their representatives, prior to trading in or advising with respect to their own securities or securities of other issuers to whom they, or other related persons or entities are connected, or related with, to comply with certain disclosure rules. These rules require dealers and representatives to inform clients of the relevant connections or relationships with the issuer of the securities.

M Partners Inc., its officers, directors or representatives have relationships with:  

- Urbanfund Corporation

- PMML Corp.

- GG Group

- Tembo Financial Inc.

- New Skew

The following are activities M Partners Inc. may engage in, in respect of the securities of its related issuers or the distribution of securities of its connected issuers:

a) Act as an adviser, underwriter or selling group member in the distribution of such securities;

b) Trade in such securities with or on behalf of customers of M Partners Inc.;

c) Purchase such shares from or on behalf of customers of M Partners Inc.;

d) Make recommendations in respect of such securities.