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M | Partners prides itself on enabling our clients’ excellent deal flow.  We provide our clients the opportunity able to invest in timely bought deals and IPOs of mid to large cap companies through the National Bank Correspondent Network.

Through creative strategies specifically tailored to our clients, M | Partners offers clients steady and above average returns on their investments while maximizing capital growth and preservation.

Our professionals assist clients in achieving tax-effective multi-generational preservation, transfer of wealth, and where applicable, business continuity/succession.

We understand the importance of our clients’ investments and savings. We are committed to maintaining a disciplined and organized approach to investment and wealth management strategies that produces lucrative results for our clients.

Our professionals tailor advice to best serve our clients. Through an interview process, we determine a client’s financial position, future plans, objectives, investment knowledge, risk level and other significant considerations.  Following this, we develop a wealth statement for the client’s approval and implementation.

Three key questions to ask yourself about your current investment advisor:

What is the performance of my portfolio, net of all fees for one, three or five years since inception compared to benchmarks over the same period?

If invested in mutual funds, if your advisor gives you large, front-ended funds and large commissions upfront, should you sell them before the expiring of the lock-up periods?

What fees do you charge as a percentage of my portfolio? What commissions or trailer fees do you collect from third parties?

Finally, if it isn’t easy asking most advisors for information on what you are paying, or even the loss, you must overcome trepidation. This is your money and your financial well-being at stake, so you owe it to yourself to know.

M | Partners invites you to benefit from our services and advice, which are guided by your specific business objectives. 

Peter Smith
Vice President, Investment Advisor

Peter Smith offers over 30 years of collective experience in the brokerage and investment counselling businesses. Supported by M Partners and National Bank’s breadth of expertise, he has assisted both institutional and retail clients in reaching their investment goals and objectives.

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